Saudi Arabia entry measures

Before travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1. If a person who intend to travel to Saudi Arabia was diagnosed with COVID-19 or was in contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19, he/she should declare to health authorities at their country, and not to travel until 14 days after diagnosis or last contact.

2. Perform a COVID-19 PCR within the time frame assigned by Saudi Arabia, and test result is proof of COVID-19 clearance. Violators will be denied entry of Saudi Arabia.

Upon arrival

1- If respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, and shortness of breath) are present, please declare to health control centers.

2- Passengers should sign documents required by health authorities and submit it to relevant authority at point of entry.

3- Download and register to applications required by health authorities.

After entry

1- Passengers should comply with isolation/quarantine according to time and location decided and mentioned in documents signed by passenger, update health status and report symptoms to health authorities.

2- Comply with preventive measures after completion of isolation/quarantine period.

3- Request healthcare when symptoms suggestive of infection appear, by calling health authorities on 937 and comply with preventive measures to protect the public.
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