The Coulée Verte: the emerald dream promenade

The Coulée Verte: the emerald dream promenade

The Coulée Verte (river of green) is the realisation of a botanist's dream, and the magic of Nice's weather makes it all possible.

From Nice's National Theatre to the seafront, this verdant corridor stages the happy reunion of all the floral kingdoms and continents. Walking it evokes the experience of a fifth season, where colours and perfumes seem to mix. Expect to find an ode to diversity and miscegenation. North American magnolias rub shoulders with distant cousins, such as Chilean coconut trees and coral trees, exotic species with large leaves and beautiful red-orange blossoming flowers.

Some details amaze as much as they teach: Did you know that lemons and oranges originated in Asia before being implanted on the French Riviera? Walking the Coulée Verte, whose official name is “Promenade du Paillon”, means invariably coming away with new colours added to your palette.

Halfway through, Place Massena is an ideal stop on this accelerated journey through the nature of the world. On the west side of the square, the vast aquatic mirror will return your look forever three kilometres. On the east side, take a refreshing dip in the thousands of droplets that weave 'the plateau of mists', and continue towards the conservatory of the oeillet (carnations indigenous to Nice) and the bandstand where many other countries await your visit. For the little ones, favour the animals and the marine-bestiary-shaped playground!

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