La Part des Anges: paradise in a bottle

wine bar
La Part des Anges: paradise in a bottle

With a name as heavenly as this, the La Part des Anges wine bar is difficult to resist.

Did you know that this wine bar's name - La Part des Anges, or ‘The Angels' Share' – comes from alchemy, where angels symbolise volatile matter? Either way it is home to a good share of at least 300 wines – you could go so far as to say there really is something divine here for everyone. “Our selection has always focused heavily on organic and biodynamic wine,” says owner Olivier.

There's tapas, too, with the bar sporting both a specials menu and a selection of quick bites. They are simple, fresh and vibrant: just like the cellar itself. The aromas here evoke memories of the fruit and vegetable market in more ways than one, and bottles of white, red and rosé jostle on the many wooden shelves and crates lining the walls.

Some customers glance at the cuvées on their way out: surely it would be worth indulging, just for the memories…?

La Part des Anges
17 rue Gubernatis
06000 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 62 69 80

Menu: around 15 EUR per person