Coping with a fear of flying

The Stress-Free Flying Workshop

Workshop schedule

The workshop comprises 3 separate stages. First, you will meet with a psychologist who will help you understand your stress and its causes. Next, you will participate in information and practical training sessions. Lasting 7.5 hours in total, these sessions are conducted in groups of 3 at the Air France Pilot Training Center. Finally, you will receive personalized follow-up.

A preliminary interview with a psychologist

When you enroll in the workshop, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will help determine the nature and cause of your fear of flying. Shortly before your information and practical training sessions, a psychologist from the Anti-Stress Center will meet with you for a 45-minute personal interview. Together you will analyze your questionnaire to outline a personalized strategy for managing your stress.
Although the interview is optional, it is strongly recommended. The psychologist will contact you prior to your information and practical training sessions to set up a date and time for your meeting.

Information sessions to familiarize you with the aircraft

Information sessions are conducted by various professionals:
  • A flight stress specialist, who will teach a course on the physiology and psychology of stress, along with exercises for breathing, muscle and mental relaxation
  • A flight attendant, who will present his or her job and role in flight security and safety
  • A pilot, who will discuss aerodynamics and the mechanics of flying: this will help you understand air pockets and turbulence, how flying works, etc.

The speakers will answer all your questions during the information session.

Flight simulation to put these lessons into practice

After the information session, you will be invited to board a flight simulator, an exact replica of the Airbus 320 cockpit, located at the Air France Pilot Training Center at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport or Paris-Orly airport.

The flight simulator will give you a chance to:
  • experience all flight conditions (turbulence, emergency procedures, etc.) and see that everything is under control,
  • activate lightning, rain and turbulence simulations using a special control system to experience and understand these conditions.

Following the session in the flight simulator, a meeting with the flight crew and a relaxation therapist will help you review what you have learned.

Personalized workshop follow-up

At the end of the workshop, and for as long as you feel the need, our teams remain at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. Afterwards, for each of your flights with Air France, you can request a special document by e-mail that you can present to the crew for a personalized welcome on board and careful attention throughout your flight.

We will also give you the book "Comment ne plus avoir peur en avion" (in French only), co-written by Marie-Claude Dentan, doctor in psychology, the captain Noël Chevrier and the aviator journalist Michel Polacco. This guide will be a good resource for your future trips.


This workshop is open to anyone who wants to be able to fly without fear, for professional or personal reasons. Classes are scheduled on Mondays and Fridays and take place in one of the two Air France technical training centers for pilots, which are located at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airports. They are conducted in French or English.

Course cost: €690

We also offer a specific training adapted for young people from 8 to 15 years old, carried out in an A320 cabin simulator. It is generally held a few days before the French vacation periods.

Course cost: €450

Information and registration by e-mail:

A few passenger Experiences

Many participants have shared feedback on their experience following the workshop or a flight. Below are a few excerpts from their letters or e-mails.

"I’d like to thank you for the attention and care you showed me during the workshop. At no time did I feel judged for my fear. Instead I received understanding and help in resolving the vicious circle of my fear of flying."

"To my great surprise, my first flight after the workshop went just fine. This is because I now understand everything that’s happening during a flight, all thanks to your workshop."

"This workshop really delivers as promised! My subsequent flight was really enjoyable. Although I felt very stressed at first, I quickly grew confident. The progress I’ve felt is really amazing."

"I’m no longer worried about the idea of going abroad to sign a contract. This is bliss! … The flight went perfectly, as I put into practice the techniques you taught me during the stress-free flying workshop."

"I took part in the stress-free flying workshop and we spoke on the phone to prepare for my trip to Amsterdam. The trip went great thanks to your advice. I was ecstatic when I arrived in Amsterdam, because it was really a miracle for me to be so relaxed during a flight."

"I traveled to New York with no stress and I was very relaxed during the flight. Everything went great and I owe it all to your team. Now I’ll never be afraid to fly again: it’s a miracle!"
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